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Access Control Capabilities

Ease of entry makes for a happy customer. We offer a range of options for events and venues who have from 100 to over 1,000,000 customers including locations where there is little limited connectivity.

Access control might not be the most fun part of running an event, but its importance cannot be overstated. Managing your access control can improve your customer’s experience  significantly and reduce staffing costs, or even reduce security issues at your event.

In Future Ticketing, we pride ourselves on running an event as smooth as possible for our clients and their customers. We focus particularly on the access control on events with our clients. 
Our scanners operate using our Future Ticketing app, which sends scanner details directly back to your dashboard once a customer is scanned. That means you can be anywhere in your venue or in the world and watch live the number of tickets scanned into your venue as a whole or per turnstile or entrance point if these are set up. 
Customers can scan in and out of venues to allow for a full tracking of customers that are in or have left your venue. 
Our scanners can record temperatures and barcodes which allows you to meet Covid-19 requirements. 
This allows to you to scan customers before they enter the venue for illness but it also connects the temperature to the customer’s record on your Future Ticketing dashboard automatically, giving you a full complete purchase and entrance record of each customer.
Customers can scan in and out of venues to allow for a full tracking of customers that are in or have left your venue. 
Our scanners scan all tickets and barcodes that are generated from your Future Ticketing dashboard meaning you can report on your tickets sales in your Future Ticketing dashboard live.

Barcodes scanning

Our barcodes can only scan once, if a ticket is scanned twice it will prompt the staff member and tell the staff member where the last scan was attempted and by which scanner. In our report section of the dashboard you can locate the order and also view tickets with multiple scans, the location of the attempt scans and the time and date. 

Our scanners can be named or given locations, meaning you can see which turnstiles or gates are the busiest or may need additional support. Along with this our scanners can link to particular products so EG: General admission tickets will be rejected by the scanner at the VIP entrance. 


FT Access Control

Not interested in a permanent turnstile solution? Use our mobile handheld scanners that can be rented or purchased as required for your event.

Our handheld scanners can be used on 3G, 4G or wifi to suit your venue and event. 

With your Future Ticketing dashboard, you can control ticket entry points, recall order details on the scanner, pair items such as bike numbers with a QR code to dashboard orders and record a temperature against an orders. 

External barcodes from other programmes or platforms can be uploaded onto your Future Ticketing dashboard and scan using Future Ticketing scanners. 
Our experienced Access Control Manager can attend your event to offer guidance and assistance on how to manage your customers. We will also provide a feedback and recommendation document so you can improve your process for each of your events. 

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